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The legendary Fishbone is back in full-effect! With a brand-new studio album coming out in the U.S. in April, the revolutionary ska/punk/reggae/metal rockers are blanketing the globe with their monstrous live presence. Going strong for more than 20 years, Fishbone has continually brought the house down at every live performance. This long awaited studio release is already buzzing around in Europe and has fans throughout the U.S. back in “FISHBONE IS RED HOT” mode.

Combining equal parts of deep funk, high-energy punk, and frantic ska, the Los Angeles-based Fishbone were one of the most distinctive and eclectic alternative rock bands of the late '80s and were spawned from the same circle of bands as Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers. With their hyperactive, self-conscious diversity, goofy sense of humour, and sharp social commentary, the group have gained a sizeable cult following and have sold out shows across the world. The group signed with Columbia Records in the mid-'80s, releasing a self-titled EP in 1985. The following year, Fishbone released their first full-length album, In Your Face. From here the band have had a prolific output – with over ten albums since their genesis. They’ve worked with the likes of Primus and Suicidal Tendencies, showing an eclecticism not seen in the independent scene since Bad Brains. Upbeat and surging with energy, “Still Stuck In Your Throat” crackles with the life of a band possessed. With an experimental edge to the new recordings, and with a sound authentic enough to appeal to fans of The Specials and Sublime (of which, the classic track "Date Rape" is covered here) but creative and eccentric enough ("Party With Saddam?!") to satisfy followers of DC-punk, post-hardcore and jazz, it seems that Fishbone have yet again transcended genre in the name of digression.

Six years in the making, the new Fishbone album, “Still Stuck In Your Throat”, recaptures the magic of this group’s unique live energy and wildly popular anthems. Reuniting with original producer Sony/Columbia Records, David Kahne ("Fishbone", "Truth and Soul", "The Reality of My Surroundings"), songs like “Jackass Brigade”, “Skank ‘n Go Nuttz”, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, and “Forever Moore” showcase the musical diversity and genre mixing that Fishbone is known worldwide and loved for. A testament of their eclectic musical stylings, “Still Stuck In Your Throat” has been highly praised and received by their legions of fans during their 2006/2007 touring schedule.




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01. Jack Ass Brigade (Moore, Fisher) - 3:37
02. Let Dem Ho's Fight (Moore, Fisher, Steward and Fishbone) - 2:42
03. Skank 'n Go Nuttz (Fisher) - 4:58
04. Party With Saddam (Gipson) - 4:27
05. We Just Lose Our Minds (Fisher) - 9:42
06. Frey'd Fuckin' Nerve Endingz (Fisher, Moore) - 4:41
07. The Devil Made Me Do It (Fisher) - 5:00
08. Forever Moore (Fisher, Moore) - 3:53
09. Behind Closed Doors (Fisher, Gipson) - 5:16
10. Premadawnutt (Fisher) - 4:17
11 Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch (Moore, Fisher) - 3:13
12. Date Rape (Brad Nowell and Sublime) - 3:31


- 'Still stuck in your throat' is seriously high-adrenaline, genre-shredding musical talent on display in 12 tracks of ultimately unique jazz/punk/ska/metal that if not already, will change the way you think about the apparently huge divides between musical genres. 
  - God Is In The TV (UK)

- ' They've recorded with everyone from Gwen Stefani to George Clinton, Rick James and H.R. from Bad Brains... and even Donny Osmond (!). Re-grouping earlier in 2006 to record their first LP in six years, Still Stuck In Your Throat , Fishbone spent the later part of the year touring across the US and Europe...'
- The Great Escape (Australia)

- 'The list of bands that have Fishbone as their musical influence is impressive and is too long to include here but to name just a few: Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Living Color and Sublime.'
- Warwick

- 'Jack Ass Brigade' is superb, catchy hook and 'Let Dem Ho's Fight' has an Ian Anderson flute mixed with System of a Down riffage - very bizarre but enjoyable. 'Party With Saddam' is another infectious tune...'
- Classic Rock Newswire

- ' Fishbone's 2007 LP, Still Stuck in your Throat, features songs titled "Premadawnutt," "Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch" & "Party with Saddam," plus a cover of Sublime's "Date Rape." Yep, it just keeps getting weirder from here.'
- New York Press

- 'How can the Theremin fit in punk, ska, reggae, heavy, must be hear it!'
- grupthink

- 'Angelo Moore still blowing the sax between singing, the music still deeply informed by the same influences with tracks roving from the frantic ska jazz fiesta party "The Devil Made Me Do It" and a shanty town Forever Moore to the punk scoured "Let Dem Ho's Fight", and freakfunk workout "Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch." With toasting ranka "Behind Closed Doors" and the old school Philly flavoured "Party With Saddam" set alongside their cover of Sublime's "Date Rape", they still sound fresh, promising some solid skanking and moshing on the floor...'
- Birmingham 101

"In the mid to late eighties Fishbone was, without a doubt in my mind, the world's greatest live band. Though many have tried, no one has been able to come remotely close to having as much charisma, energy or character as Fishbone. There are bands out there right now who owe much of their success to these fellows and in my opinion they should line up and kiss some Fishbone ass in gratitude."
Les Claypool
Primus/Frog Brigade/Oysterhead


Current Members:

Angelo Moore (1979—) – vocals, saxophones, theremin, percussion
Rocky George (2003—) – guitar
Curtis Storey (2005—) – trumpet, vocals
John McKnight (1999–2001, 2005—) – keyboards, trombone, guitar, vocals
Dre Gipson (2004—) – keyboards, vocals
John Norwood Fisher (1979—) – bass guitar, vocals
John Steward (1999—) – drums


"Dirty" Walter A. Kibby II (1979–2003) – trumpet, vocals
Kendall Jones (1979–1993) – guitar, vocals
Chris Dowd (1979–1994) – keyboards, trombone, vocals
Philip "Fish" Fisher (1979–1998) – drums, vocals
John "JB" Bigham (1989–1997) – guitar, keyboards




1. In Your Face

2. Truth and Soul
#153 on the Billboard 200 on Oct. 29, 1988

3. The Reality of My Surroundings
#49 on the Billboard 200 on May 18, 1991

4. Give a Monkey a Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe
#99 on the Billboard 200 on Jun. 12, 1993

5. Chim Chim's Bad Ass Revenge
#158 on the Billboard 200 on Jun. 8, 1996

6. Fishbone and the Familyhood Nextperience Present: The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx

7. Live at the Temple Bar and More

8. Live in Amsterdam
(CD/DVD - 2005 - recorded in 2002)

9. Still Stuck In Your Throat


1. Fishbone

2. It's A Wonderful Life

3. Set The Booty Up Right

4. Fishbone and the Familyhood Nextperience Present: The Friendliest Psychosis of All


1. The Reality of My Surroundings - Past to Present

2. Critical Times - Fishbone's Hen House Sessions

3. Live in Amsterdam
(CD/DVD - 2005 - recorded in 2002)