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Title: Below The Heavens
Artists: Blu & Exile
Info: SIC014

lu's first full length LP, "Below the Heavens" pairs Blu with producer Exile on the Sound in Color imprint. His first single, "Narrow Path" has rocked stages across the world, as fans begin to feel the impact of Blu's music. His delivery flows flawlessly, while the content reflects the joy and pain of working class youth everywhere. Since the release of "Narrow Path," Blu has performed alongside Slum Village, X-Clan, Platinum Pied Pipers, Lyrics Born, DJ Houseshoes, and many others, while participating in 3 high-profile nationwide tours alongside musical family members: Ta'Raach, Aloe Blacc, and Exile.

The buzz has fans salivating for new music. Worldwide, people are looking to put hope into the 'next' emcee that will give them the same feeling when they first heard Black Thought, Common, or Slum Village. Blu fulfills this need, but maintains something that is entirely new, while not recycled.

Juice N' Dranks

Blu Collar Worker

Greater Love

Below The Heavens pt. I

$9.99 (Itunes)
Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens

Title: Still Stuck In Your Throat
Artists: Fishbone
Info: SIC031

The legendary Fishbone is back in full-effect! With a brand-new studio album released in the U.S. on April 24, 2007, the revolutionary ska/punk/reggae/metal rockers are blanketing the globe with their monstrous live presence. Going strong for more than 20 years, Fishbone has continually brought the house down at every live performance. This long awaited studio release is already buzzing around in Europe and has fans throughout the U.S. back in “FISHBONE IS RED HOT” mode.

Six years in the making, the new Fishbone album, “Still Stuck In Your Throat”, recaptures the magic of this group’s unique live energy and wildly popular anthems. Reuniting with original producer Sony/Columbia Records, David Kahne ("Fishbone", "Truth and Soul", "The Reality of My Surroundings"), songs like “Jackass Brigade”, “Skank ‘n Go Nuttz”, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, and “Forever Moore” showcase the musical diversity and genre mixing that Fishbone is known worldwide and loved for. A testament of their eclectic musical stylings, “Still Stuck In Your Throat” has been highly praised and received by their legions of fans during their 2006/2007 touring schedule.

Behind Closed Doors

Skank N' Go Nuttz

The Devil Made Me Do It
Let Dem Ho's Fight

$9.99 (CD)

Title: Transformations / Illuminations
Artists: Mumbles
Info: SIC010

In 1994, Mumbles met Aceyalone through an A&R of Grand Royal Records, and together they recorded three tracks, two of which appeared on Acey's first solo release “All Balls Don't Bounce” on Capitol Records. In 1997, two of Mumbles’ tracks appeared on Ubiquity's release “Audio Alchemy” and in the same year, a song was chosen for the OM Records compilation “Deep Concentration.” In 1998, Aceyalone and Mumbles then decided to collaborate on a full length album together, “A Book of Human Language,” which has since been widely acclaimed as an underground hip-hop classic.

Nearly a decade after their initial collaboration, Mumbles & Aceyalone re-unite to bring the power to the people! The upcoming full-length titled “Transformations / Illuminations,”is eagerly expected by hip-hop fans. Filled with lush arrangements, solid production, and the classic boom bap, Mumbles delivers a future classic that will set new standards in hip hop. Old school fans and newbies alike, everyone abound is likely to say “Welcome back Mumbles, welcome back!”

Freedom Now!

Embrace The Mystery

Here You Are

Price: $9.99 (ITunes)
Mumbles - Transformations/Illuminations

Title: The Narrow Path
Artists: Blu
Info: SIC015

As an MC, Blu provides hope for hip hop's next generation of wordsmiths. Representing Bridgetown (San Pedro, Los Angeles), Blu's street buzz has bubbled from performances alongside Emanon, KRS One, Steve Spacek, Platinum Pied Pipers, and more. His work with Sound in Color has created opportunity to rock along side a diverse group ofartists, gaining worldwide appeal and fans internationally. Although his style is difficult to categorize, many see Blu with the heart and passion of Tupac, while displaying the finesse and rhyme scheme of Mos Def.

Blu's first full length LP, "Below the Heavens" pairs Blu with producer Exile on the Sound in Color imprint. His first single, "Narrow Path" has rocked stages across the world, andfans are beginning to realize the impact of Blu's music. His delivery flows flawlessly, while his content reflects the joy and pain of working class youth everywhere.

Blu is definitely a leader in the new school of Los Angeles emcees. His presence is undeniable, while his music captivates audiences regardless of race, class, and gender. Although many are still unaware of Blu's work, "Below the Heavens"guaranteesto take LA hip hop back to the place where Freestyle Fellowship, Jurassic 5 and the Pharcyde left off. ?

"This brings us to Blu's new single, which is produced by Exile for the always on point Sound In Color label. The two have a great musical chemistry that is similar to the energy that made Aloe Blacc and Exile such great partners in Emanon. Blu's flow on "The Narrow Path(1)" is creamy and articulate and it sits really nicely over the choppy cinematic Dilla-respecting bounce. Check the muted soul vocal backdrop for an example of Exile's great production nuances."
- Turntable Lab

The Narrow Path

Party of Two

Price: $4.00

Title: The Fevers
Artists: Ta'Raach & The Lovelution
Info: SIC020

Ta'Raach, previously known as Lacks, takes his music seriously; Love always Prospers when he lends a hand. Never compromising and always innovating, this veteran (a decade in the game) brings Rock City heat to his lyrics, beats, vocals, and DJ sets.

Having worked with a host of notables inside and out of Detroit between Dwele to
J Dilla, Carl Craig to Elzhi
(of Slum Village), Waajeed to Amp Fiddler, Ta'Raach presents his musical movement; The Lovelution. An album written, produced, and mixed entirely by Ta'Raach, with collaborators Amp Fiddler, Big Tone, Fuzz Scoota (D12), Joy Jones, Blu, The Beloved, Cashius King,
J Mitchell and more.. Ready yourself for a stellar journey in hip hop and soul, courtesy of Ta'Raach & The Lovelution.

Big Bang Theory

The Look - feat. Big Tone & Amp Fiddler

Merci Me Lord - feat. Blu


$9.99 (CD)

Price: $9.99

Title: Dirty Science
Artists: Exile
Info: SIC013

Science is defined as knowledge, especially that gained through experience, and (DJ) Exile is its professor. A decade of work with underground heros Emanon, plus various production credits ranging from Mobb Deep to Jurassic 5, has paved the road for Exile's hip-hop dissertation, aptly titled 'Dirty Science'.

Featuring dynamic collaborations with Ghostface Killah, Slum Village, Kardinall Offishall, and MED, Exile re-defines the various styles with hip-hop music on 'Dirty Science'. Add to the mix his stable of MCs including Aloe Blacc, Blu, Ta'Raach (p/k/a Lacks), Ca$hius King (Co$$), Donel Smokes, Trek Life, Oh No, Johas, Blame One, plus the golden voice of Jontel on cuts like Summertime in L.A, complete Exile's journey in fresh MUSIC!

Exile continues to become more involved in the music making process and is constantly pushing boundaries, creating a sound that will make its mark on time...

"Now a hitmaking producer for acts like Mobb Deep and Jurassic 5, Exile's been puttin' in work for a minute on the west coast underground. The Dilla influence is undeniable with the slightly off-kilter beats, but the sound is uniquely his and distinct whether at 80 or 115 BPMs. Vocals from Slum Village, Ghostface, Kardinal, Trek Life, Blu, Ta'Raach, MED,
Oh No, Aloe Blacc, and
more..." - Fat Beats

Tell You - feat.
Blu and Aloe Blacc

Move on 'em - feat. Ta'Raach

Time has come - feat. Slum Village

Price: $9.99 (CD)

Price: $9.99 (2XLP)

Title: Milk 'Em
Artists: Ghostface Killah
feat. Trife
Info: SIC006

New verbal heat from the legendary Ghostface Killah, alongside theodore unit's, Trife, over blazing SIC production... Nuff said. Exile, Strange Fruit Project, MHE, Ricci Rucker, and Benny Cassette on the beats!!!

#1 Rapnetwork - July 21, 2005

Milk 'Em (SFP Version)

Milk 'Em (Benny Cassette Version)

Vinyl - out of stock

Title: Space Shift
Artists: Steve Spacek
Info: SIC007

teve Spacek, the acclaimed voice behind the ground-breaking genre-pushing group Spacek, who were championed by everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Mos Def, presents his debut solo album with Sound In Color. It's his great American album, produced largely in Los Angeles.
Old partner Morgan from Spacek provided a few beats (check second single "3 Hours of Fun") and J Dilla produced the monster “Dollar”, but the bulk of the beats were created by Steve. The legendary song writer Leon Ware also makes a guest appearance in the brilliant duet “Smoke”.

Future soul just got way sexier.

3 Hours of Fun

Reverible Top

Days of My Life

$9.99 (CD)

Price: $9.99 (2XLP)

Title: Smoke & Mirrors
Artists: Exile feat. Kardinal Offishall
Info: SIC005

Fans of the T dot (Toronto) sound may have another breakthrough moment, courtesy of the smash collaboration between Exile and Kardinal Offishall. 'Smoke & Mirrors' shows the diverse range of Kardinal's lyrical prowess, alongside Exile's beat heat, which offers a rather realistic commentary on today's state of hip hop and the ironies it is engulfed in... This latest single, a pre-cursor to Exile's forthcoming release on Sound In Color, aptly titled 'Dirty Science,' gives hip hop heads hope for the industry and in the strength of the natural chemistry between the DJ (Exile) and the MC...

Available September 20, 2005 on Sound In Color / Studio Distribution at fine retailers worldwide.

Smoke & Mirrors

Summertime in LA

Soul Rising

Price: Vinyl - out of stock

Title: Second Time Around
Artists: Sa-Ra
Info: SIC008

Sa-Ra and Sound In Color (SIC) has done it again... Following up on the massive success of GB "Simply So" ft. Steve Spacek (Sa-Ra RMX), nominated for Gilles Peterson's World Wide (BBC Radio) Awards ("Song of The Year"), SIC is proud to present Sa-Ra's '2nd Time Around' Double Vinyl 12".

"J-Dilla and Sa-Ra oh my! I almost shat my pants when i heard this. I haven't listen to it all through, because it may cause my all insides to fall outta my backside... and you don't want that.... WARNING-Listen while wearing pampers"

- Daz I Kue (Bugz In The Attic)

"Two of my all time favorite hip hop heavyweights joining Sa-Ra ?? Damn! Loving it to the core"
- Mark De Clive Lowe

Second Time Around

Fish Fillet feat. Pharoahe Monch

Thrilla feat. J Dilla

Price: $9.99 (2XCD)

Price: $9.99 (2XLP)

Title: Soundtrack For Sunrise
Artists: GB
Info: SIC095

IIn an industry where truly innovative minds are few and far between, GB stands out as one
of the pioneers of a new sound for a new generation. His approach to music making is simply limitless. While exploring a wide variety of genres including hip hop, soul, and broken beat, GB still manages to tap into a sound that has not yet been labeled. This is the sound of the future. At the young age of 20, GB, the Inglewood, CA native whose birth name is Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, has already begun to make a name for himself, The project features guest vocals from talents like Steve Spacek, Flora Purim, and Joy Jones, while some of the other tracks feature live musicianship and guest production from the likes of Ricci Rucker and Airto Moreira. The first single featuring Spacek and Sa+Ra Creative Partners is already making waves amongst fans of future-leaning music. GB’s remix catalogue is also growing, beginning with his remix to Wildchild’s “Youzafiend”, and moving into his rework of Jody Watley’s “The Essence” for King Britt’s Five Six Recordings, as well as an upcoming remixes for Up, Bustle & Out.

$9.99 (CD)

Price: $
14.99 (2XLP)
Vinyl - out of stock

Blak Label Blend
Artists: Daz-I-Kue
Info: SIC006

Dancefloor don Daz-I-Kue delivers dynamic grooves for the uptempo heads on the 'A' side, and a bass heavy riddim on the 'B' side. Move pt. 1 & 2.

Move Pt. 1

Move Pt. 2



Title: Simply So
Artists: GB feat. Spacek
(+Sa-Ra remix)
Info: SIC12098

The Sound In Color label dip their toes in the future soul pool with this single from producer GB’s upcoming debut album. GB, whose sound is similar to Dabrye in style and DJ Krush in mood, provides a minimal, filtered backdrop for Spacek front man Steve Spacek to float above on “Simply So.” The b-side features a remix by the Sa-Ra Creative Partners who have been working with everybody from Common and Pharaoh to Dre and N.E.R.D. As a good contrast to the airy a-side, their mix bounces the track in a more swinging direction, complete with ragtime brass and piano arrangement plus a great walking bass line
.-turntable lab

Simply So

Simply So
(Sa-Ra remix)

Price: $4.00

Title: Dollar
Artists: Steve Spacek
Info: SIC009

The J Dilla produced single "Dollar," from Steve Spacek's upcoming solo debut... Some may have heard this joint played on Benji B's BBC 1xtra show Deviation.

"Dollar is what curtis mayfield would be doing today !....Steve Spacek's best performance!"
King Britt

“Spacek has done it again. Providing us with a classic sound that is unmatched. 'Dollar' is that track that proves this point.” Junior

'Spacek. Dilla. The S#it is hot!' Om'Mas Keith


Vinyl - out of stock

Title: Time Has Come
Artists: Exile feat. Slum Village
Info: SIC001

Hot collaboration between Exile and Slum Village on 'Time has come' with Blu on the b-side bringing you heat from "Soul Provider."

Time Has Come

Soul Provider


Title: Absence of Color
Phase V & VI
Artists: Various

IIn the continuing series, SIC drops another heat filled EP, featuring Exile, Daz-I-Kue, DJ
Day, and Platonic.

Exile - Melon

Exile vs. Daz-I-Kue- Melon Bounce

DJ Day - Lovebug

Platonic - 877

out of print


Title: Absence of Color

Artists: Various

IIn the continuing series, SIC drops another heat filled EP, featuring Romanowski,
Exile,and Platonic...

Romanowski - Made you listen

Exile - Sun

Platonic - Bossa Del Sol


limited supply on-hand

Title: Absence of Color Phase I/II
Artists: Various

Exclusive EP featuring Mainframe & Platonic, Exile, and GB... A sought after 12" for the DJ's and Beat heads...

out of print


Title: MU.SIC 12" #1 'Orange'
Artists: Daz-I-Kue, Exile, GB
Info: SIC12100

Mainframe & Platonic's 'Future's Oldest Story' gets the Bugz In The Attic treatment courtesy of Daz-I-Kue, with some wicked dancefloor business! Exile & GB contribute with a couple of gems on the 'B' side, that just burns it!

Future's Oldest Story (rmx)

Vinyl - out of stock

Title: MU.SIC 12" #2 'Red'
Artists: Mumbles feat.
Cut Chemist, MHE
Info: SIC12099

The 2nd installment for the MU.SIC compilation is complete. This single is a prelude to Mumbles' upcoming full length project, and the rerelease of the "Book of Human Beats". The 12" features "Prema's Dilemma", a masterpiece that will satisfy any beat diggers appetite.The following song is "Rise Reprise", featuring Mumbles on production and Cut Chemist on the decks, plus another dose of dirt by MHE.


Mumbles - Rise Reprise


Title: MU.SIC 12" #3 'Green'
Artists: A'me, Caural,
Josh One
Info: SIC12094

The Third in a series of singles from Sound In Color's "MU.SIC" compilation, Green' features new music from A'me, Caural, and Josh One. The sound ranges from the hip-hop banger ‘Step To This’ by Josh One (featuring Blu on MC duties), to Caural’s stellar remix of ‘Nocturnal Tribe’ (GB’s original appears on SIC compilation, ‘Block Radius’), and is rounded out by the moody masterpiece, Until You,’ written and performed by A’me.

A'me - Till You

Caural - Nocturnal Tribe

Josh One - Step To This


Title: A Book Of Human Beats

The classic recording by
Mumbles & Aceyalone gets a digital remastering and the addition of 2 bonus tracks!

$9.99 CD

Vinyl - out of stock


Title: Utility Phonograph Record 3
Artists: Ricci Rucker

The third in the inspiring turntablist series of Utility records by Ricci Rucker, UPR3 delivers more original sounds and beats for the creative mind.... Chock full of lock-grooves, percussion, bass, and soundscapes, this 3rd installment by Ricc is pure fire!

1 for $9.99

Title: MHE-007/008
Artists: MHE
Info: SIC45002

Archive MHE recordings, 007/008, finally available on 1000 ltd. edition 45 pressing.



Price: $10.00


Artists: Various
Info: SICCD100

Exclusive tracks that are not on the vinyl version by Mike Boo, Ricci Rucker and GB.

Get Up


MHE 004

Price: $9.99


Title: MU.SIC LP (3xLP)
Artists: Various

The Sound In Color compilation entitled MU.SIC has been Mixed. Manipulated & Mastered. After months of Digging. Design. & Dedication. The long awaited instrumental album is here. SICLP/CD100 is the first full length release on Sound In Color. This triple vinyl album was Mastered at Half Speed for the fat sound, thick grooves, and pressed on 180 gram vinyl guaranteeing only the best quality for your listening enjoyment.

Prema's Dilemma


Ah Oui

Price: $20.00

Title: MU.SIC / Pixelated Pulse (DVD)
Artists: Various

IIn collaboration with MyUtopia/5.1 Entertainment, SIC brings you 'Pixelated Pulse.' Completely mixed in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, this DVD-A release also features 3 videos featuring GB, MHE, and Platonic!

On Sale now at all Tower Records and Barnes & Noble

Title: Utility Phonograph Record
Artists: Ricci Rucker

When asked about scratching, Ricci Rucker explains, "When using the turntable as an instrument, the records become our sounds."

Use this record to help design your own music!

For more information, click here

Out of Print

Artists: MHE+GHOST
Info: SIC45001

Following on the success of SIC's collaboration with Wu Tang don Pretty Toney, MHE get a limited edition 45 pressing of their (500 only!) dusty heat.

out of print

Milk 'Em (MHE Version)

Title: Scetchbook CD
Artists: Ricci Rucker& Mike Boo

This is a perfect representation of our concept: Sound In Color. The Scetchbook is an 80-paged ensemble of visual stimulation. Full of scetches, revelations, evidence and theory, this is truly a monument in MU.SIC history. The CD itself is an enhanced CD with additional exclusive scetches that are not on the vinyl, along with super hot remixes by Ricci Rucker and Mike Boo. The enhanced CD also features never before scene footage of the Ned Hoddings performance, from the D Styles Phantazmagoria Release Party. Artwork: Dan Paterka: Project Therapy.

Available Now!!!!

$15 NOW


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